Hiring Postdoc for Study of Proton Biology

We are seeking an applicant with training and research experience in molecular biology/oncology to carry out an exciting NCI-funded, multidisciplinary project aimed at elucidating the biological effects of proton radiation in cancers. Specifically, we seek to characterize genome wide DNA damage caused by proton radiation and damage responses as a function of tumor genotype. Combinations of protons with targeted drugs will be examined as well. We hope that discovery of biomarkers predicting proton sensitivity will impact the care of cancer patients within the next few years.

Expertise in molecular biology, genomics/bioinformatics, radiation biology, or/and DNA repair is desirable.

Applicants must have a Ph.D. and/or M.D., appropriate research experience, strong organizational, interpersonal, communication, and computer skills and be excited to work in a dynamic team environment.


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