Henning Willers, MD
PI, Associate Professor
“I have been a PI in this lab since 2005. It has been fun to shift from an initial focus on basic mechanisms of DNA repair/recombination to more translational studies that perhaps one day can impact patient care. Our findings thus far have informed 3 clinical trials with possibly a 4th one materializing in 2022. Stay tuned!”


Xiao Pan, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
“My main interest is in screening and validating of molecular targeted radiosensitizers. In collaboration with the MGH Center for Molecular Therapeutics, I am involved in high-throughput drug screening across a panel of ~100 annotated cancer cell lines using 3D formats. An important goal of ours is to identify predictive genomic biomarkers for several of these sensitizers.”
Anie D. Alindogan, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
“I am excited to be settling down in Boston to study the biology of proton radiation and identify novel therapeutic approaches to treat cancers with this radiation modality.”


Liliana Gheorghiu, MS
Senior Research Technologist
“I am involved in managing the Willers lab as well as providing experimental input. One of my aims is to study radiosensitization by analyzing DNA repair responses after drug/X-ray vs X-ray alone treatments in ex vivo human tumor explants.”



Aliza Rosenkranz, BS
Lab Technician
“I graduated from the University of Vermont in 2020 with a degree in Biological Science. In the lab, I focus on studying combinations of a KRAS targeted small molecule inhibitor and radiation in lung cancer. I am also helping with other projects pertaining to pancreas cancer research and proton experiments!”



Nicola Barbesino, BS
Lab Technician
“I graduated from Northeastern with a degree in Biology and Political Science. I am thrilled to work with both Dr. David Miyamoto and Dr. Willers to build a research specimen bank and Biomarker Program in our joint labs.”



Olivia Benson, BS
Lab Technician
“I graduated from the University of New Haven in 2021 with a degree in Forensic Science. I am very excited to be working in the labs of Dr. Willers and Dr. Miyamoto helping with builing out the Radiation Biomarker Project and gaining experience working with nucleic acids. Outside of the lab I love watching sunsets on Cape Cod and traveling to new places.”
Jayy Weekes, BS
Lab Technician
Emily Fox
Student Intern

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