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There is an urgent need to individualize radiation therapy for patients to improve outcomes and quality of life. The Kamran lab focuses on the application of computational genomic approaches to characterize tumor evolution to treatment, understand mechanisms of radiotoxicity and radioresistance, and explore the radiation-antitumor immunity interaction. In addition, we are interested in dissecting translational science in diverse populations, something that is imperative to the field of oncology. It is essential that these populations are not left behind in the field of translational genomics.


July 6, 2022: Welcome to Elina Palapattu!

July 5, 2022: Welcome to David Qi!

June 6, 2022: Welcome to Bella Pompa!

June 6, 2022: Dr. Kamran presents at ASCO 2022 on gender equity of scientific presentations. Read more about manels here.

May 16, 2022: Read about the Association of the USPSTF Grade D Recommendation Against Prostate-Specific Antigen Screening with Prostate Cancer-Specific Mortality in JAMA Network.

April 6, 2022: Read an Intersectional Analysis of U.S. Medical Faculty Diversity over Four Decades in The New England Journal of Medicine. 

February 19, 2022: Anushka Ghosh presents her poster on disparities in testicular cancer mortality at GU ASCO 2022.

February 17, 2022: Laura Burgess presents her poster on the Impact of U.S. Preventative Services Task Force Grade D Recommendation against PSA Screening on Prostate Cancer Mortality at GU ASCO 2022.

December 14, 2021: Dr. Kamran receives the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) Young Investigator Award for TCR sequencing of oligometastatic prostate cancer.

December 9, 2021: To treat a diverse population, we need a more diverse workforce. Read more about how to recruit and retain individuals who are underrepresented in medicine here.

December 1, 2021All abstracts have been accepted to GU ASCO! 

November 8, 2021: Representation in clinical studies is vital! Check out our new paper about Racial and Ethnic Disparities Among Participants in Precision Oncology Clinical Studies in the JAMA Network.

November 3, 2021: Read about Solving the Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy and Checkpoint Inhibitor Puzzle in Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma in European Oncology.

October 27, 2021: Read about the importance of treating race as a social construct while also ensuring a diverse study population here. An absolute must read to make genomics research more equitable!

October 12, 2021: GU ASCO 2022 abstracts submitted!

October 5, 2021: Characterization of an Iodinated Rectal Spacer for Prostate Photon and Proton Radiotherapy – Paper published in Practical Radiation Oncology

July 28, 2021: Welcome to Siri Ragala!

July 13, 2021: Welcome to Melissa Huynh!

June 17, 2021: Welcome to Nabeel Rasheed!

April 1, 2021: ASCO 2021 abstracts accepted!

March 1, 2021: ASTRO abstracts submitted!

February 22, 2021: Welcome to Anushka Ghosh! 

February 1, 2021: Welcome to Laura Burgess! 

January 1, 2021: Welcome to Chris Aldrighetti! 

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