Look Back at Radiation Biology Grand Rounds

We are fortunate to have had a number of truly outstanding, and diverse, speakers in the last couple of years. Stay tuned for more to come!


April 2021

Julie K Schwarz, MD PhD, WashU

Using Imaging and Genomics to define Biomarkers of Radiation Sensitivity in Gynecologic Cancers


September 2021

Meredith A Morgan, PhD, UMich

Enhancing radiation-induced immunity with inhibitors of the DNA damage response in pancreatic cancer


January 2022

Timothy A Chan, MD PhD, Cleveland Clinic

How Immune Cells Recognize Tumor Cells and Why It Matters in Radiation Oncology


April 2022

Anthony Chalmers, MD PhD, U Glasgow

Combining radiation therapy with inhibitors of the DNA damage response in glioblastoma and other cancers: a ‘bench-to-bedside’ odyssey’


September 2022

Ralph Weichselbaum, MD PhD, U Chicago

Oligometastatic Cancer: Illusion or Reality


January 2023

David S Yu, MD PhD, Emory

Understanding and Exploiting the DNA Damage Response for Cancer Therapy

April 2023

Freddy E Escorcia, MD, PhD, NCI

Radiation Oncology meets Radiopharmaceuticals for Hepatocellular Carcinoma *In Person*


Departmental Grand Rounds – Radiation Biology

On April 27, 2021, We were thrilled to host our first radiation/cancer biology Grand Rounds speaker, Dr. Julie Schwarz, Professor of Radiation Oncology, Vice Chair of Research, and Director of the Cancer Biology Division at Washington University. She gave an inspiring lecture on using functional imaging and cancer genomics for predicting radiation sensitivity of cervical cancers.

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