Ex Vivo DNA Damage Assay

Cell Fate after Irradiation

Precision X-Ray Unit

High-Throughput Radiation/Drug Screen

Single-Molecule DNA Fiber Analysis

Laboratory of Cellular & Molecular Radiation Oncology

The Laboratory of Cellular & Molecular Radiation Oncology, established in the MGH Charlestown Navy Yard Building CNY149 in 1997, brings together investigators from MGH Radiation Oncology and the Center for Cancer Research (CCR). Laboratory studies cover a range of topics, including precision radiation medicine, DNA damage response, circulating tumor cells, and mechanisms of cell death. Research in the laboratory is both basic and translational, broadly aimed at improving cancer therapy with a special focus on advancing the biological basis of treatments with ionizing radiation. The Laboratory is also home to a Departmental Tumor and Normal Research Specimen Bank as well as part of a molecular profiling pipeline that links to the Broad Institute.

Our Website

Our prior lab website under the retired address cmrol.mgh.harvard.edu was completely overhauled in 2015 using Nirvana & WordPress. In addition to lab research at our CNY149 location, the site now also supports radiation biology research activities in the Department, thereby complementing the official MGH Radiation Oncology website at https://www.massgeneral.org/cancer-center. We hope you enjoy what we have put together. There is more to come as we are continuing to build towards a collaborative, interdisciplinary research vision.
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